Green Times Alcohol-Free IPA 0.5% 2 Pack


2 pack

Enjoy a new way to unwind with our fresh and bold low-alcohol IPA brewed with CBD in the UK.

It won’t get you “high” as it contains less than 0.2% THC but it’s packed with natural cannabinoids which are great for the body and mind.

It’s gluten-free and vegan friendly too. Enjoy!

STYLE: A juicy low-alcohol IPA with a soft hop hit, and refreshing citrus and tropical finish.

ABV: 0.5% (alcohol units: 0.2)

HOPS: Amarillo & Mosaic

MALTS: Floor malted barley malt

CBD: 10mg of THC-FREE full spectrum cannabis sativa L.

SIZE: Available in 330ml cans