The Hero Combustor

The HERO is 14,2 cm / 5,59inches long and weighs around 63 grams.

Unique patented coned shape design holds nicely in your hand and can stand on your table or desk without falling over

The HERO comes with 1 re-usable Jack-Pod, which can contain up to 0,2 grams of material, depending on how fine you grind the material ( material not included, duhhh). Deep

The mouthpiece hides a special, replaceable, Filter with Activated Charcoal ensuring a smooth smoking experience and filtering out all the bad stuff

Comes completely assembled for immediate use, just fill it with some gas and a loaded Jack-Pod

Very stealth just take it out of its odor-tight tube, your pocket or your purse, light it and take a few quick tokes.. satisfaction guaranteed..


Stash Tube 4 € 4.95
The Weezy Pipe € 9.95