Zenpen Hash Grinder

Discreet: (inconspicuos / not intrusive / modest)
Robust: (strong / firm / sturdy)
Stylish: (hip / elegant / chic / refined)

  1. The HASH burns more efficiently, as there is more surface area.
  2. You do not get HASH under your fingernails, stuck to your fingers, or callouses from handling hot HASH.
  3. No Hot Rocks – No more funny looking holes in your clothes and/or furniture.
  4. Better dosage.




Certificate of Authenticity

We have chosen to use a high-quality stainless steel as a result of an extensive testing phase. The materials chosen to make the ZenPen® give it the look and feel of a high-quality piece of equipment.
 For example, the cutting point that cuts in the HASH has been carefully considered.
 The placement of the grip and the most efficient and effective cutting surface for creating the best Hash String have also been considered. These are just a few things and we are still improving.