Bent Helix Percolator

 The Helix Percolator Bent Bong C6 is a true work of art, made to optimally cool and filter smoke without the use of ice! This ergonomically shaped bong has a sturdy, wide downstem that connects the beautiful bowl with the helix-shaped percolator in the chamber.

The helical percolator forces the smoke into fine bubbles, increasing the surface area between the smoke and the cooling, cleansing effect of the water. Cool, filtered smoke provides an optimal smoking experience, full of flavour. Bent Glass premium bongs like these are all hand blown in the USA!

Bent Percolator available at The Old Man Smoke.

Additional information:

• Height: 32 cm

• Material: Borosilicate (pyrex) glass

• Diameter: 75 mm

• Mouthpiece size: 19 mm